Our Mission, Vision, and Values

The Mission of Kenbrook

Kenbrook exists to glorify God by serving the body of Christ and our community through relationships, programs, and services that promote evangelism and discipleship.

The Vision of Kenbrook

Our vision is to be a premier developer and provider of camping and conference programs, services, and facilities that create:

  • A setting for individuals to encounter and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ
  • An atmosphere for leaders to develop
  • A place for staff to effectively minister to people
  • A relaxing and fun-filled environment

The Enduring Values of Kenbrook

Since it’s founding, Kenbrook has remained true to a number of values and beliefs, which, in turn, provide the framework for all our ministries, programs, and development. These values can be narrowed down to three endearing values that guide our actions. It is our conviction that the foundation of Kenbrook includes:

  • The Preeminence of Jesus Christ – We believe that Kenbrook belongs to Jesus Christ. He is our Lord and His Word, the Bible, is the truth we live by. Ultimately all that we do must bring Him glory and honor.  
  • Kingdom Ministry – We believe it is our responsibility and privilege to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to help our guests and staff grow in their personal relationship with Him.
  • Space Away-- We believe we are uniquely equipped to provide an opportunity for people to get away from their normal routine. This enables us to make a distinctive impact.

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