Alumni Page

Remember the sunburn, sore muscles and mosquito bites of summer camp? Neither do I. I just remember late-night laughter, team challenges, running until my face was red and baked oatmeal. Oh and friends! I remember the friends I made. I wonder what they are doing now?



We are forming Alumni Clubs for each decade, and could really use your help to populate them. Each alumni club will have its own leaders, Facebook group and (if they so choose) an annual charitable project that is Kenbrook-related.

Once a year, we will hold an Alumni Retreat where we'll sing porch songs and hold skit nights, and make s'mores. During the weekend, each club will brainstorm and plan their projects. It will be laid-back and family-friendly --- all at a discounted retreat rate.

Many of our records have been lost over the years, so we value the memories of former campers and staff to fill in the blanks. If this sounds like something you would enjoy helping us with, email  with a list of anyone you remember from your time at camp. 

Right now, we are recruiting club chairs, and strategizing with them, so we are in the very early stages. Stay tuned. We'll tell you more as we know more.

In the meantime, would you please take a moment to fill out this form? Just click on the box below and answer a few questions for us. Thanks for staying connected to camp!

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