Annual Report

A note from the Executive Director:
I am excited about the direction of Kenbrook. Over the last year, we have continued to make financial and relational strides toward a healthier and more sustainable ministry.

Why is this important?

Kenbrook's outreach to children and youth has never been more critical. According to Barna research, a full 13% of Generation Z (ages 8-18) self-identify as atheists. Compare that to the 6% of adults who would say the same. This means the church is facing a tidal wave of unbelief just on the horizon. Daunting? Yes, but not to God.When asked, 85% of Christians say they made their decision to follow Jesus by the age of 18. I believe that God has uniquely positioned Kenbrook to support the church as it responds to this need. One thing I knew, we couldn't do it without partners like you. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nick Ressler
Executive Director


2017 Financial Summary
In 2017, donors like you gave a total of $182,315.25 to our Annual Fund. This is a 29% increase over the previous year! Your gifts reduced our debt by $28,291.56, repaired broken and leaking pavement, and reduced wastewater output by 50% (saving major pumping costs). These funds also helped us install a commercial water system that will provide clean water to the camp for many years to come and helped to send 404 children to summer camp who needed additional financial support!


2017 Relational Summary

  • 441 traditional summer campers
  • 403 Milton Hershey student campers
  • 79 significant spiritual experiences
  • 68 testimonies shared
  • 78 one-on-one connections with staff
  • Brethren in Christ bookings decreased by 30%
  • Church retreat bookings increased by 3%
  • Family retreat bookings increased by 42%
  • School retreat bookings increased 39%
  • Camper Days: 12,980


Download a copy of the 2017 Annual Report here.


2018 Annual Fund - NO CHILD LEFT INSIDE

Kenbrook seeks to connect children and youth to the outdoors, getting them both literally and figuratively out of their comfort zones. At camp they can connect with God, self, others and nature in a whole new way - in a holistic way.

Our 2018 Annual Fund aims to raise $180,000 with strategic plans to provide financial support to campers in need, keep summer camp affordable, hire incredible staff members, develop future leaders for the church and for Kenbrook, all while continuing to eliminate deferred maintenance and reduce debt.

You can read more about our 2018 Annual Fund here.

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