The Campfire Circle



The Campfire Circle is a special group of donor-partners who have committed to give to the ministry of Kenbrook Bible Camp on a monthly basis. So whether you give $10 a month or $100, you'll be partnering with the camp in an ongoing way and standing with us as we minister to the next generation of truth seekers.


Most people choose to give using Paypal right here on the website, but some people appreciate the spiritual discipline of sending in a check and praying for us as they drop it in the mail. Either way, we'll send you a nifty Campfire Circle mug (pictured below). You will also receive an exclusive newsletter from Nick just for the members of the Campfire Circle with all the latest inside news!


To automate your donation, simply click on the "donate" button. Select the amount you would like to give each month, and then elect to make it recur monthly. That's it! Paypal will take your donation out of your account automatically. We'll send you a thank you letter and a receipt each month if you like, or just one year-end statement if you prefer.


Set it and forget it.


Don't worry. You can choose to stop your monthly donation at any time by going to Paypal or by calling our office at 717.865.4547



Thank you for your faithfulness to our mission.


We could not do this important work without you!



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