Counselor in Training (CIT)

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C.I.T. (ages 16-18; 15-year-olds may apply and consideration will be given)

The C.I.T. program exists to equip youth for ministry by giving them hands-on experience serving campers in our summer camp program.  During this time, students will be exploring aspects of ministry and leadership such as studying and teaching the Bible, servant leadership, teamwork and communication.  By providing hands-on training to our future generation of leaders, we seek to better prepare and shape our future leaders for ministry in their youth groups, schools, and communities, as well as here at Kenbrook.

Each CIT will be assigned a counselor and a cabin group during their time at Camp. They will stay in the cabin with the cabin group and their assigned counselor.  CIT's will participate in a daily meeting with the CIT director and the other CITs.  These meeting will focus on spiritual growth and counseling skills, while also allowing individuals feedback to situations that occur during their two-week session.

CIT kidsCIT’s spend considerable time with campers. Because of this, Kenbrook holds our CITs to a high standard.  CITs must exhibit character, integrity, and leadership.  In addition, they will be expected to place a high priority on their relationship with Jesus and encourage campers to do the same.  They, along with the counselor, will love, serve and care for campers and will have opportunities to positively influence kids.

If you are interested, please fill out an application and mail it in as soon as possible, as space is limited!  In addition, interested applicants will need to choose two adults who can serve as a reference--this can be a school teacher, coach, youth pastor, mentor or older friend.  These references will need to complete a reference form that is included in the application packet and mail or fax it in. Once accepted, instructions will be given to you on how to register and confirm your spot. 

*Please note that C.I.T. is a program of Kenbrook Bible Camp.  C.I.T. campers are not staff, there is also no compensation given to the participant. There is a program fee for each C.I.T. camper once accepted to the program.


Below we have listed the tiered prices for the CIT programs. Click here for further discussion and explanation of our tiered pricing structure. You do not have to choose a tier at this point; however, payment will be due when you register for the program.                             

Tier A- $85                   Tier B- $160                 Tier C- $235


How to apply:

Anyone interested in being a CIT must submit a completed application packet (see below).  Read the application carefully.  Once accepted into the program you will be given information on how to register for the program.

We will begin reviewing completed application packets as they arrive.  Therefore, it is a good idea to get your application in early. There are a limited number of spots available. We will be making our first decisions on applications in the order that they have been received. Applications will continue to be accepted until the program is full.

Decisions will be based in part on the following criteria from the application and from references.

  • Completeness and thoroughness of the application.
  • Demonstration of the applicant’s potential and desire to be a future ministry leader.
  • Demonstration of the applicant’s potential and desire to be a future counselor at Kenbrook.
  • Availability in the session requested.
  • Quality of references submitted.
  • Previous experience at Kenbrook

Those that have been accepted into the program will receive an email with instructions confirming the program dates and the next step in registering for the program. A completed registration is required to confirm your spot

Applications of those not accepted due to the program being full will be held in case of future availability.


2018 Session Dates

CIT  I - June 10-15, June 17-22

CIT  II - July 1-4, July 8-13  (Week 1 ends on Wednesday instead of Friday)

CIT III - July 15-20, July 22-27

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