LED Light Bulb Campaign

Here is our running tally of how many and which light bulbs we need to move towards saving substantial dollars per year AND to decreasing our environmental footprint! If you click on the name of the light bulb needed it will take you to a link that gives you an example of what we're looking for (we're not suggesting that you necessarily use these sites to purchase the bulbs as many stores are running specials).
Normal Bulbs (LED, 800-1100 lumens, warm coloring)
  • Mountain View Lodge - 0 needed (181 received)
  • Woodland Lodge - 0 needed (92 received)
  • Fairland Lodge - 0 needed (56 received)
Bent Tip Chandelier Bulbs (LED, 25w equal, 2700k)
  • Woodland Lodge - 90 needed
Ceiling Fan Bulbs (LED, dimmable, 11w, 5000k)
  • Woodland Lodge - O needed (35 purchased)
Mini Floods (LED, 9 watts, 4-5000k)
  • Pavilion - 3 needed 
Exterior Flood Lights (LED, 1250 lumens, 3000k)
  • Mountain View Lodge - 2 needed
  • Woodland Lodge - 3 needed
Interior Flood Lights (LED, 750 lumens, 3000k)
  • Fairland Lodge - 41 needed
  • Pavillion - 12 needed


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