No Child Left Inside . . .

No Child Left . . . Inside themselves socially

Kenbrook believes in connecting campers to each other through imaginative games, team challenges, and small group devotions. Within the nucleus of the cabin group, campers build friendships and work through conflicts, learning more about themselves and others as a result.

No Child Left . . . Inside the house physically

Today we are fighting an obesity epidemic and competing with technology as never before. Too many children shy away from the outdoors, or simply don't know how to "be" in nature. Kenbrook encourages campers to embrace all that God has to offer in nature and helps them to face physical challenges that build their endurance, confidence, and connection to the outdoors.

No Child Left . . . Inside the darkness spiritually

Kenbrook provides a place for campers to stretch their spiritual wings, to be introduced to Christian community and to explore spiritual questions. Through truth talks, TAG time (Time Alone with God) and community worship, campers get an opportunity to take responsibility for their own faith.

No Child Left . . . Inside a prison of distraction

"Left to their own devices" used to mean left to one's own idea of fun. But today "devices" could be taken to mean "mobile phones, tablets, and video games." Left to their own devices, kids become ensnared in a prison of distraction where interactions are shallow, thrills no longer involve raising the heart rate or strengthening muscles, and little to no imagination is required. Kenbrook gets campers away from their devices and outside where the air is fresh and the challenges engage the whole person.


The mission of Kenbrook is to facilitate a closer connection to God, Self, Others, and Nature.


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