A note from our new Executive Director Nick Ressler

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Dear Kenbrook Community,

       Kenbrook is built on stories, memories and connection to others. It can be easy for any of us to consider Kenbrook to simply be a place we have been. But, it is more than woods, buildings and programs. Kenbrook has a rich past, made distinct by caring staff, helping people to know God. I know this, because I am one of those people who was introduced to God at Kenbrook. This is why Kenbrook holds such a deep and personal significance to me. This is also why Executive Director is a position I have longed to fill for many years. I will serve our staff, guests and churches to the best of my ability in the hope that many others will share my experience and get to know God at Kenbrook.

       For this reason, as we go forward, our focus and our vision will be a united one. It will pull from the integrity of the past and clarify our purpose as we travel forward. Kenbrook has and will facilitate our guests to know and be known by God, self, others and nature. I pray that you will join me  in fulfilling a vision begun 66 years ago.

It is my honor and great pleasure to begin this journey of partnership with all of you.


Nick Ressler, Executive Director
Kenbrook Bible Camp


Alicia arroyo Jan 18, 2017 8:34pm

I would like to join your work team in house keeping or kitchen. My phone number is (717)644-6561 if u could please give me a call


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