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Sitting in the cinder-block wall basement of a rural PA church listening to Bible stories around a rectangular table while sitting on small multicolored plastic chairs never seemed to help those lessons "click" for me. When I wasn't doodling or distracting the other children with my antics I was dreaming of of being somewhere outside, completely missing the point of why I was in this basement room.

It wasn't the teachers fault. It wasn't the churches fault. It's just how I was wired.

I was wired to run around rather than sit still. I pretty much vibrated anytime I was asked to sit still. I needed something in my hands to play with so I wasn't distracted by everything around me. I was the child that needed to burn his finger tips to understand that the stove really was hot. And if I didn't, I wouldn't remember the next time I was around a stove.

Kenbrook was started as a place that could experientially teach children about God, self, others and nature. Experiential learning means hands on, immersed in, tactile and a part of. Eight-year-old-me was a perfect candidate for Kenbrook. Kenbrook did something that all those Sunday School rooms couldn' made all those lessons finally "click."

Now, 25 years later, I yearn to create a space, cultivate an environment and hire a staff that can pass that same rich experience on to the hundreds of campers that walk our ground each summer. Often the biggest thing that stands in the way of children getting that experience is finances. That's why the Golf Tournament and Scholarship Fund was started 39 years ago. That's why the retreat center was started 38 years ago. These things, and donations, help to offset the true cost of sending a child through summer camp. Today, we continue to look for ways to save money and offset that cost.

I was recently informed about how big a difference LED light bulbs can make.  After doing some counting we quickly realized that replacing bulbs in the retreat center will save Kenbrook $1800/year. Replacing bulbs in the Youth Camp will save $600/year. That's $2,400.00 a year!

Let me say it this way...$2,400.00 would fully pay for 5 campers at summer camp without being subsidized by the retreat center, scholarship fund or golf outing. That's five kids who may need experiential learning to connect real life and all those Sunday School lessons. That is five more lives changed by Kenbrook and by your donation of LED light bulbs.

It may seem silly to make a big deal about light bulbs, but imagine that every time you hear the "click" of a light switch there is one more camper having an entirely different kind of "click."

The kind of click that changed my life.


LED bulbs (800-1100 lumens, warm coloring) can be sent to or dropped off at 

Kenbrook Bible Camp
190 Pine Meadow Road
Lebanon, PA 17046

Thank you for donating!

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Donald Hollinger Aug 26, 2016 10:31am

What do you mean by warm coloring,do you mean colored bulbs?


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