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You may very well know that Kenbrook began a crowdfunding campaign last week to try to raise the money to fix our elevator in the Mountain View Lodge. It was actually a pretty tough decision to make that step since crowdfunding has been known to work in some cases and totally flop in others. But, after meeting with a consultant, I felt pretty sure that our Kenbrook family would surround and help share a need like this.

In case you are unaware crowdfunding ignores the concept of a small number of large donors raising the money for a campaign. Instead it looks to a massive amount of people giving smaller amounts to raise the same sum of money. It thoroughly depends on being able to get the need or campaign in front of many people which is why social media is the medium of choice to get the word out.

We started by filming a single video of an office call that was fake but so very real in many cases. It's frustrating to have churches call in who need handicap accessibility and have everything they need except access to an elevator or wheelchair lift. We're so close to being able to care for everyone and yet so far.

On Monday I asked my brother in law to join me in filming some additional videos (which will be coming out soon). My brother in law was injured in an accident during our senior year of college and is now in a wheelchair. The accident has motivated him to invent accessibility devices and to stay active as he surfs, competes in triathlons and is an awesome husband to my little sister. That being said, you should understand that Josh is in excellent shape. 

One video we filmed was meant to be humorous. We pretended that the solution to the lack of elevator was to have a back hoe parked at the top of the building and to pull him up with the use of a life preserver ring. But, the second video was done to show the difficulty of Josh getting to the top of the building under his own power. The lodge has a stone parking lot and Josh pushed, pulled, strained and struggled all the way to the top of the hill four times so that we could get the shots we wanted. The trips took him anywhere from 4-8 minutes.

Josh is an athlete. Josh is in his twenties. Josh is in excellent shape. Now consider someone who isn't those things. Consider my 92 year old grandmother on a retreat with her walker...that trip would be no less than 25 minutes. Consider how easy so many of us have it when we run up or down a stair case in 15 seconds.

The bottom line is this: hundreds of church groups meet in this lodge each year and they have their worship, sessions and meetings upstairs. Their snacks, coffee, beverages and refreshment time is in the basement. I desperately want to see everyone have the ability to participate in all elements of fellowship.

Can you help Kenbrook by giving a few dollars to this? Can you help Kenbrook by sharing the link to get the word out? If 100 people gave 100 dollars we would be done. Finally, can you pray for us in this endeavor? We only have 46 days left to raise it! You can access our campaign with this link.

Thank you,

Nick Ressler
Executive Director
Kenbrook Bible Camp

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