In The Beginning

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"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Gen 1:1) The 30 verses that follow this one show that God had a planned and systematic way to put things in order. Each thing he creates depends on the the thing created before it. He speaks light and land and fish and birds into creation. He creates man last, as man depends on all things created before him.

Beginning well and beginning right is important to any journey. If you are backpacking the Appalachian Trail you want to plan ahead and determine what food you will carry with you and at which point you will have food drops or you will leave the trail to resupply. 

If you are going on a road trip gas is the first thing you stop and get, not the last. 

If you are taking the family on a vacation you check to see that they are buckled in before you leave, not after you arrive. 

The biggest journey that Kenbrook is taking right now is entering into the summer camp season. This summer hundreds of children, from age 6-18, will flock to the camp for an unforgettable summer. Some will learn how to be counselors (CITs), some will serve behind the scenes in the kitchen and on maintenance (Krew) and some will be campers that will do archery, camp out in the woods and play games on the upper playing field. All of them will learn about our summer camp theme All Things New (2 Cor. 5:17)

To ensure an incredible summer means hiring great staff. Nicholas Patton, our Program Director, and his wife Sarah, our Summer Camp Administrative Assistant, have worked diligently at hiring the right people and then training them in outdoor skills, activity skills and a lot of childhood development and communication.

Staff training is beginning to wind down but last night our Board of Directors, Full-time Staff, Bishop and Summer Staff gathered for an icebreaker, meal, worship and prayer to dedicate our summer staff. A variety of people shared "What Kenbrook Means To Me" before our Board and Full-time staff gathered around the summer staff to bless them and ask blessing over them, for the summer, in a large group prayer.

In the beginning of any journey (be it backpacking, vacation or the start of a season of ministry) the way any of us should begin is with prayer. To gather together and give our fears, excitement, selves and talents to God knowing that He is the God who makes All Things New and that this journey always was and is, His.

Let it be known that in the beginning we started with prayer and everything created hereafter depended on this.

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