Kenbrook and Beyond

Kenbrook and Beyond is for those who like to swim in the deep end, sleep under the stars, and jump into new adventures. Campers in this program will be staying in platform tents and tackling adventure challenges each day at camp. If you enjoy the Kenbrook experience but wish for something more, this is for you! Over the last two years, Kenbrook has not been able to run the Venture Out program due to Covid-19 and during that time we made adjustments to make this a more well rounded experience for your camper. To reflect that change, we brought back a name used in the past: Kenbrook and Beyond! Campers in this program will be able to master skills on the climbing tower, learn challenging techniques on Canoes/Kayaks and take them out on open water, go on backpacking adventures offsite, and cook meals on fires they build. Each night, campers will return to camp and will be able to experience some of the normal evening programs you would expect at Kenbrook. 


Beyond Trailblazers (ages 9-11) June 12-17

Beyond Pilgrims (ages 12-15)   June 19-24

Beyond Hitchhikers (ages 11-13) June 26- July 1

Beyond Explorers (ages 9-11) July 3-8

Beyond The Edge (ages 12-15) July 10-15




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