Summer 2018 Theme


Throughout scripture, we see many stories about storms. There is this one story where a great flood consumes the earth and one man and his family build an ark and show great faith in the midst of a 40 day and night storm. There is another story about a storm that quickly frightens all of the occupants of a boat but when they look up they see someone walking on water...and one of them steps out of the boat, in great faith, to also walk on water. There is an incredible story about a man on a mountain, waiting for God's presence, while a storm that includes wind, fire and earthquake and yet God was found in a whisper.


We're great at recognizing that life is still full of these types of storms. These storms may be anything loss filled tragedies to the pressures of daily life. What can we learn about living for God in the midst of these storms if we look back at the storms that others have gone through? We find that in the midst of the storm we are called to faith. We find that God is our anchor through the storm. We even find that sometimes God calls us out of one thing and into another. 


This summer we're going to ask these questions. We're going to share about our personal storms. We'll listen to teachers share from their hearts, worship leader sing from the depth of their souls and together we'll intentionally live in a community that finds faith through the storm and rests on God our anchor.


Welcome to Vortex!

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