Summer Camp 2017

Residential Overnight Summer Camp. All of Kenbrook overnight camps start on Sunday. Check in for each session is from 3-5 pm. The closing program is at 6:00 pm on the last day of the session and parents are invited to attend. Campers will be dismissed at the conclusion of the closing program at 6:30 pm.

Camp sessions are based on the age of the camper at the start of the session. Each session is programmed with the age of the camper in mind. Some campers will have multiple sessions to pick from. However, the program will vary slightly from week to week due to the age range of the campers attending.

Explorers-  (7-9 years old) Designed for the younger camper, many of whom have never spent a week away at camp before. Age appropriate activities, games, and Bible lessons make campers want to come back for more every summer. Caring, attentive staff give these campers a great first camp experience.

Hitchhikers- (7-11 years old) This new camp session is a combination of Explorers and Trailblazers which allows multiple ages and siblings to attend camp for a full week. The possibilities await for your camper to experience age appropriate activities while learning how to develop a relationship with God.

Trailblazers- (9-11 years old) These campers typically have been to camp before and know the ropes well. They experience Kenbrook to the fullest as they make memories they will enjoy the rest of their lives.

Combo Week- (6-10 years old) This camp session combines multiple ages into one four day camp. Campers will experience Kenbrook as one big group but will be in cabin groups with campers their age. Sign up your campers of different ages for one session instead of a different one for each kid. 

Edge- (11-14) As middle schoolers, these campers will be challenged and stretched more than ever. A challenging message, an engaging worship session, and a counselor who cares, will help these campers establish an authentic faith in Jesus that will sustain them when the pressures of the world push them to the edge.

Revolution- (14-18 years old) With the older teen in mind, Revolution is designed to give campers a boost to their faith. Whether you have been coming to camp for a dozen years or this is the first time, this week will challenge campers to embrace their faith in Jesus.

2017 DATES!!! (Registration Opens January 1st)

Ages Session Dates Price *


June 11-16
Sun- Fri
A: $315* B: $360* C: $400* D: $500


June 18-23
Sun- Fri
A: $315* B: $360* C: $400* D: $500


Edge 1 June 25-30
Sun- Fri
A: $325* B: $370* C: $410* D: $500


Combo Week July 2-5
Sun- Wed
A: $210* B: $230* C: $250* D: $325


Hitchhikers July 9-14
Sun- Fri
A: $315* B: $360* C: $400* D: $500


Edge 2

July 16-21
Sun- Fri
A: $325* B: $370* C: $410* D: $500


July 23-28
Sun- Fri
A: $325* B: $370* C: $410* D: $500



Leadership Development Programs for Teens-- KREW and CIT. These programs are designed for teens with a desire to grow as leaders and followers of Jesus. Go to the Krew and CIT pages to learn more.

Krew (Ages 14-16)

Session 1-- June 11-16, June 18-23  

     Prices: Tier A: $75     Tier B: $150     Tier C: $225     Tier D: $250 

Session 2-- June 23-30, July 2-5, July 9-14 (Three Week Session)

     Prices: Tier A: $100     Tier B: $175     Tier C: $250    Tier D: $300

Session 3-- July 16-21, July 23-28

     Prices: Tier A: $75     Tier B: $150     Tier C: $225     Tier D: $250

CIT (Ages 16-18) Prices: Tier A: $85     Tier B: $160     Tier C: $235     Tier D: $250

Session 1-- June 11-16, June 18-23

Session 2-- June 25-30, July 2-5 

Session 3-- July 9-14, July 16-21 


*If you register before May 1, 2017.  You will automatically receive our Early Bird Discount of $10.00.*




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