Survival Courses

March 4th, 2017                                         Dressed for Survival

This Saturday, we’ll focus on what we wear and how we wear it in the context of the seasons and regions we could explore AND we’ll take a look at how to get the best deal on your outdoor apparel.


*April 9th, 2017                                         Back Country Stove Anatomy 101

This Saturday, please note that it is the second Saturday rather than the first Saturday.  We will cover a variety of backpacking and base-camping stoves, seeking to understand specific usage and application as well as fuel types.  We will also aim to build our own from scrap metal.  Feel free to bring your own stove to ask questions and get more acquainted with it.  If you have a broken stove, bring it along and we can look at it together.                             


May 6th, 2017                                            Trail Food – Something for everyone

Come prepared to learn about basic trail food that can be prepared before your adventure and during it.  Be sure to bring your favorite trail recipe to share and we’ll collaborate a great resource for our future trips.  Some foods will be prepped before the course time and some we’ll use in real time.  Bring your stove from April and you can make it on your equipment.


*June 10th, 2017                                       Fire 1 – Basic Fire Starting

This Saturday, please note that it is the second Saturday rather than the first Saturday.  In this course we’ll approach fire from necessary components to combustible options and a couple of basic fire lays.  This is the first of a two-part course that will build upon the first to the second.  If you are someone who has basic fire starting/building skills, then you are welcome to attend Fire 2 only.


July 1st, 2017                                             Fire 2 – Advanced Fire

This course builds upon section 1, basic fire starting, and then introduces natural tinder found in the region, as well as some non-traditional tinder and a variety of starting methods.  This course will be enlightening as together we consider available resources and ways in which we may utilize those resources?


August 5th, 2017                                        Kit Contents

Come to this course to consider and learn what you need to carry and why you need to carry it.  Bring your own mental list or if you have a carry-on sized (or less) kit bag, bring it along and we’ll address those as part of this course.


September 2nd, 2017                                 Natural Resources

This will be the last course of the 2017 season and together we will cover natural resources including local edible, medicinal, and natural tinder options from the created world.  This course will be outside and so please come prepared for the weather. 


October 6th-8th, 2017                                AT Camping Trip @ the Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is the most noted overlook on the Appalachian Trail in PA, this trip will close out our 2017 VO-SoS season by giving participants an opportunity to practice what they have learned.  This trip is built into three sections, October 6th-7th, 2017, October 7th-8th, 2017, or just for the day on October 7th, 2017.  This experience is limited to 8 people each night for the overnight sections, 1 night only so that 16 people total may participate in the overnights.  If just for the day on October 7th, the group size is limited to 24 and this includes any overnighters wanting to stay for the day.  All that to say, sign up early as space is limited.  Cost for the event is:  $20/person if you attended all the courses and $40/person for those not attending all the courses.  Food is not included as you will construct your own menu and prepare it on site.  Gear is also not included except for case by case consideration thru the Director.  Gear will not be a reason you can’t come, if you need a hand with gear, please ask.

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