Donate to Kenbrook

There are two ways to donate:

1. Click the button below to access PayPal to donate online using a credit card.




2. Mail a check to:     Kenbrook.  190 Pine Meadow Rd.  Lebanon, PA 17046

Where do the funds go?

Like most nonprofits, we rely heavily on donations to help us cover expenses that are not covered by program and rental fees.  Donations help us run quality programs without raising fees that might hinder guests from participating.  There are several ways that donations contribute to our mission:

Annual Fund

Program and group rental fees do not completely cover expenses. The annual fund helps cover the gap between operational revenue and operational expenses. Without this fund, programs fees and rates would need to be raised to meet expenses. This could prevent people from attending our programs. By contributing to our annual fund, you are helping us accomplish our mission.  When you give a gift that you would like us to use where needed most, this is where it goes. 

Scholarships and Sponsorships to Camp

Every year we partner with churches and individuals to award camp scholarship to kids who might not be able to afford it. The money for this comes from donations from individuals and from our golf outing event. This funds are distributed to individual campers based on need to help cover some of camp fee.

We often get people ask how they can sponsor a camper. For $300 you can cover the average cost of a Kenbrook summer camp experience. If you know a specific camper that you would like to sponsor, let us know and we can help make this happen. If you would like to provide a scholarship to any camper, simply donate online (click the red button above) or send a check for $300 to Kenbrook and write camp sponosrship on the memo line. 

Golf Outing

This annual event helps to fund our scholarship account and allows us to provide funds for campers to attend camp who might not be able to attend because of finances. 

Capital Improvements

As program needs change and grow, it becomes necessary to invest in the expansion and improvement of property and facilities. Funds received from program fees and group rentals do not cover these improvements. Therefore, additional funds must be raised from donations to cover these costs. Recently over $600,000 was raised to add 5 new cabins, a bath house, and a pavilion.  These facilities are in full use right now!

Special Projects

Often we have projects that will improve Kenbrook that are not in our annual budget. Many times these projects will greatly enhance guests and campers experiences, but cannot get completed without the help of contributors.  An example is our outdoor basketball court.  

Planned Giving

A planned gift is a donation to Kenbrook that will be given at a later time. For example, someone may wish to include Kenbrook in their will so that a portion of their estate will be left to Kenbrook when they pass away. Thousands of dollars have been given to Kenbrook over the years through individuals planned gift. Would you consider including Kenbrook in your will?

There are many different ways to set up a planned gift to Kenbrook, including gift annuities, charitible remainder trusts, life insurance policies, appreicated stocks or bonds, and others. We have a number of local profressional resources that we can connect you with to help you make these plans. 

If you have any further questions contact us at ( ) or call (717) 865-4547.



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