Why Kenbrook?

Benefits of Kenbrook

  • 100 secluded acres of beautiful natural setting and grounds with walking trails through the forest and along the lake and the brook for guests to enjoy.
  • You and your group will feel like you got away. (Even guests that come from 20 minutes away tell us this.)
  • Comfortable, hotel style and dorm style rooms with a separate bathroom in each room.
  • Intimate meeting rooms optimally set up for you group, including larger meeting rooms to accommodate sizable guest groups.
  • Excellent food! Guests love the meals we sere at Kenbrook! We are often told, “The food was awesome! Loved the freshness and variety.”
  • Competitive pricing for your group to get the most for their money.
  • On site host(s) during your retreat to assist with your needs.
  • Easy access from major highways including Route 72 and Interstates 76, 78, 81, and 83.
  • And much, much more!
Volunteers working at Kenbrook
Chalk Drawing Thank You!
Volunteers working at Kenbrook
Chalk Drawing Thank You!

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