Day Camp

Day campers have counselors just like residential campers, with Truth Talks and TAG time (Time Alone with God). They will enjoy all the fun activities of camp – the outdoors, the pool, crafts and games, and so much more. Day Camp is a great option for campers who want to try out camp but are reluctant to stay overnight, and for those who live nearby and want to enjoy multiple weeks of camp activity while their parents are working.

Pilgrims Day Camp (Ages 6-11) June 10-14, 2024

Trailblazers Day Camp (Ages 6-11) June 17-21, 2024

The Edge Day Camp (Ages 6-11) June 24-28, 2024

Explorers Day Camp (Ages 6-11) July 1-3, 2024* Shortened Week for our youngest campers

Revolution Day Camp (Ages 6-11) July 22-26, 2024

Hitchhikers Day Camp (Ages 6-11) July 29-August 2, 2024

Normal Day Camp hours are 9:00am drop off to 5:00pm with lunch provided. To make Day Camp more accessible to busy working families, Day Campers will now have the option for extended drop off or pick up times. Extended drop off takes place at 7:30am and campers will be fed breakfast for a flat rate increase of $50 for the entire week. Extended pick up takes place at 6:30pm and campers will be fed dinner for a flat rate increase of $50 for the entire week. If you utilize both extended drop off and pick up the flat rate increases by $100.

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Volunteers working at Kenbrook